Fern Blodgett Sunde statueFern Blodgett Sunde’s daughter, granddaughter and great grandchild are coming from Norway, and will be in Cobourg April 2, 2023 to see the Fern Blodgett Sunde statue on our waterfront (in Victoria Park), and to thank Cobourg and Canada for honouring her.

There will be a celebration April 2, 2023 at 1:30 at the statue to recognize Fern’s courage and determination, as the first female wireless radio operator and the first woman to serve deep sea in the Battle of the Atlantic. And to welcome her family.

We also recognize the courage and sacrifice of the veterans who fought in the longest battle of WWII, and ensured the allied victory. Please join us for this celebration at the meditation/rock garden at the far east end of Victoria Park. The Skeena cadets will be there with their Ham radio station sending signals across the air waves. The Cobourg Concert Band will be there. And Fern’s family will be there too.

April 2, 2023 1:30 pm

See Cobourg News report on unveiling ceremony here.  This includes links to documents about her life story. It was in October 2020 when there were extensive Covid restrictions so the number of people who could attend the unveiling ceremony was limited.

Event is organized by Leona Woods.